29 October 2012 | 21:09

The Council on Spirituality, Culture and National Identity

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria’s Council on Spirituality, Culture and National Identity discusses matters that are topical, socially significant, requiring strategic vision of the state for themes in the development of culture and cultural industries, full dialogue and co-operation with Bulgarians and Bulgarian communities abroad, defending and strengthening of national consciousness and identity. The meetings of the Council follow the priorities declared by the President for the institution. The topics selected correspond to persistent commitment of the President to provide support to combining the cultural and spiritual development of the nation, defending the interests of Bulgarians abroad, opening the doors of the Presidential institution to civil society and its recognition as a centre of public debate and the setting of priorities for them long-term development of Bulgaria.

Participants in the Council on Spirituality, Culture and National Identity change according to the subject of the meeting and in accordance with the General Rules for the Operation of the Council of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In accordance with the Rules for the Presidential Administration, meetings are convened and chaired the Secretary to the President responsible for his policies and priorities. Meetings of the Board are prepared by the Secretary and the President's advisers on the portfolio.