25 October 2012 | 20:08


The Administration which assists the President in his duties is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, international treaties and laws, the rule of law and the interests of the people, openness and transparency, promptness and effectiveness, political neutrality.

The Administration of the President consists of individual positions and structures as follows:

1.1. Chief Secretary;
1.2. Chief of Staff of the President;
1.3. Head of the Office of the Vice President;
1.4. Committee on Citizenship and Bulgarians abroad;
1.5. Committee on Pardons;
1.6. Committee on Asylum;
1.7. Committee on Forgiveness of Bad Debts;
1.8. Committee on Naming Sites of National Importance and Settlements;
1.9. Secretaries to the President:
    - Secretary of Foreign Affairs;
    - Secretary of Defence and Security;
    - Secretary Legal Affairs;
    - Secretary of Spirituality, Culture and National Identity;
    - Secretary of Economics, Regional Development and Infrastructure;
    - Secretary of Economics, Investment and Innovation;
    - Secretary of Health, Education and Science;
    - Secretary of Social Policies, Youth and Sports;
    - Press Secretary;
    - Secretary for domestic policy.
1.10. Advisers to the President;
1.11. Foreign Policy, Defence and Security Council;
1.12. Legal advice;
1.13. Council on Spirituality, Culture and National Identity;
1.14. Council on Development of Regions and National Infrastructure;
1.15. Council on Economic Development and Social Policy;
1.16. Council on Science and Education;
1.17. Financial, business and information services directorate in the Finance Department, Business, and Information and Communication Services;
1.18. The Protocol Directorate with Ceremonial and State Visits divisions;
1.19. Administration office, reception and filing section;
1.20. Legal Directorate;
1.21. Public Relations Directorate;
1.22. President’s Programme Unit;
1.23. Strategic Policy, Analysis and Forecasts Unit;
1.24. Internal Audit Unit;
1.25. Financial Controller;
1.26. Information Security Service;
1.27. Human Resources Department.