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21 June 2018 | 17:05
The historical reconciliation on which united Europe was founded must find its place in the Balkans, too. Defending the European prospects in the region requires courage, constructivism, turning our backs to the language of hate, long-lasting good-neighborliness and safeguarding the rights of the national minorities. This is what Head of State Rumen Radev said at a joint news conference with the President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

19 June 2018 | 17:05
The European Union should take into account all member states’ interests upon adopting the rules for sending workers on a business trip in the so-called Mobility package. President Rumen Radev and the Prime Minister of Slovakia Peter Pellegrinhi shared this opinion. The two held a meeting today within the Bulgarian Head of State’s official visit in Bratislava.

19 June 2018 | 16:04
Way back at the beginning of the migration crisis Bulgaria demonstrated a more reasonable conduct than many other European countries. The protection of the EU external borders should be strengthened in an uncompromising manner. This is what President Rumen Radev said in Bratislava, at a joint news conference with his counterpart Andrej Kiska. The Bulgarian Head of State is on an official visit to Slovakia, where he was welcomed with a solemn ceremony in front of the presidential palace.

14 June 2018 | 15:03
The Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia are on their way to stability, trust and good-neighborly relations. It is essential that this way should be followed consistently, and whether the processes of friendship and constructivism in our relationships will become irreversible is contingent upon the responsible attitude and dialogue between all institutions in the two countries. This is what President Rumen Radev said, who held a meeting with the President of the Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov. Gjorge Ivanov is on an official visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of the Bulgarian Head of State extended in February 2018.