2019-04-12 10:54:00

Rumen Radev: All Our Successful Compatriots are Bulgaria’s Ambassadors in Qatar

The achievements of all Bulgarian specialists who work in Qatar, in an environment of tough competition, are not only personal success, but also success for Bulgaria. This is what President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian community in Qatar, which was held in Doha, within the second day of the Head of State’s official visit to the Arab country.

About 400 Bulgarians live in Qatar – highly-qualified specialists, who work in sectors such as building and construction, air transport, tourism, sport, education, healthcare, scientific research. At the meeting Rumen Radev said that H.E. Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani also highly appreciates the work of the Bulgarians in Qatar.

“Although there is a distance of 3000 km between Bulgaria and Qatar, the two countries are becoming increasingly closer. The contacts at a high political level have been very intense in the past years and we have the ambition to implement joint projects with Qatar. The most important condition to this end is the trust in Bulgaria and I would like to thank all of you because you have greatly contributed to ensuring this trust,” President Radev told our compatriots.

“Our ambassadors in Qatar are not only the representatives of the diplomatic missions, our ambassadors are all of you who have demonstrated a high level of professionalism and leave a trace after you – engineers, builders, musicians, medical doctors, coaches. This gives the State of Qatar reasons to more seriously consider the investments opportunities in Bulgaria,” the President further emphasized.

Rumen Radev noted the successes achieved in the modernization of Qatar in the past decade, the technological renovation and the high quality of infrastructure projects and thanked our compatriots who have the ambition to transfer this model in Bulgaria. The President also hailed the representatives of the Bulgarian community for their unity and the efforts put into preserving their identity, language, culture and traditions.

On the last day of his visit to Qatar, which was at the invitation of the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Bulgarian Head of State visited the Air Force College Al Zaim Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Atia at the Al Udeid Air Base.   


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