2019-12-04 11:21:00

Rumen Radev ahead of the NATO summit in London: the Funds Invested in Defense Capabilities Should Contribute to the Countries’ Own Economic Development and Social Systems

The NATO summit should not become a domestic-policy rostrum, but should contribute to strengthening unity and increasing security. However, the problems and existing contradictions should be openly stated and a constructive dialogue should be held, which we expect to happen. This is what President Rumen Radev said before the beginning of the Summit of the state and government leaders of the NATO member states in London.

The President said that five years ago all member states assumed the commitment to increase the defense expenditures. However, this should be done in a transparent and efficient manner. “The quantitative criterion should not be the only measurement in this respect. It is important how the invested money is transformed in defense capabilities and equally important is that it should contribute to the countries’ economic development and to strengthening the social systems, not to their depletion,” President Rumen Radev further said.


6 August 2020 | 13:01
The Strategic Council with the President presented the first part of a draft National Strategic Document of Bulgaria for public discussion

23 July 2020 | 21:09
We should open the way to constitutional reforms which should strengthen civil rights and the control over the government, should guarantee the division of power and root out corruption, which gives birth to crime and poverty, Rumen Radev called for at a meeting with the Bulgarians fighting for statehood in Bulgaria

17 July 2020 | 10:10
The President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Rumen Radev attended the day for high-ranking guests of the national naval exercise Breeze 2020 with international participation. At the Sea Station in Burgas the Head of State was welcomed with military honors.