2020-05-14 18:21:00

President Rumen Radev Discussed with Ambassador Herro Mustafa the Prospects for the Development of the Strategic Partnership between Bulgaria and the USA

Head of State Rumen Radev held a meeting with US Ambassador to Bulgaria Herro Mustafa at 2 Dondukov street today. The prospects for the development of the bilateral strategic partnership, promoting US investments in Bulgaria’s economy, the modernization of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and the cooperation in the energy sphere were among the highlights of the meeting.

In the conditions of restructuring the world economy due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, Bulgaria has both the ambition and the ability to attract much bigger investments from the US, particularly in the sphere of information technologies, President Radev emphasized. Our country has increasingly stronger positions and qualified workforce in this sphere and can offer favorable conditions to the investors, the Head of State said.

Rumen Radev voiced our country’s interest in introducing more pragmatism in the Three Seas regional initiative on transport, energy and digital cohesion in Eastern Europe and also in joining the Investment Fund, through which joint projects will be financed. The Head of State also highlighted Bulgaria’s readiness to host the presidential initiative in 2021.

The meeting also focused on the bilateral cooperation in the process of modernizing the Bulgarian army. Energy diversification in Southeastern Europe and the prospects for the development of the Bulgarian energy sector were also discussed.

The active bilateral cooperation in fighting the coronavirus was also highlighted at the meeting. President Radev voiced gratitude to the US for their considerable contribution to fighting COVD-19. So far the US has provided Bulgaria with 6,000 coronavirus tests and will provide medical supplies worth 500,000 US dollars, complete test equipment, and other types of support as well. The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, the Bulgarian Donor’s Forum and the US Embassy have jointly raised 1 million leva as donations for Bulgarian organizations fighting the coronavirus.


8 July 2020 | 17:05
President Rumen Radev called on the government, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Local Authorities to conduct a check of the facilities in the Rosenets park and take measures if any breach of law is established

7 July 2020 | 17:05
The Head of State gave the Foreign Minister of the Italian Republic Luigi di Maio a personal message to President Segio Mattarella

15 June 2020 | 16:04
The Presidents of Bulgaria and Hungary Rumen Radev and Janos Ader discussed in a telephone conversation the measures adopted to more quickly tackle the social and economic consequences of the coronavirus. The Bulgarian Head of State reiterated the invitation to his Hungarian counterpart to visit our country in the autumn of 2020, the time when Bulgaria and Hungary will together mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations.

8 June 2020 | 14:02
The creation of a Bulgarian-Chinese innovations hub in Sofia was agreed upon during the Bulgarian Head of State’s visit to the People’s Republic of China and his meeting with President Xi Jinping in July 2019. The St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia is ready to provide a terrain for creating the hub, it emerged at the meeting.