2020-11-03 16:23:00

Rumen Radev on the Negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia: Clear Guarantees are Needed that the Unity of the Bulgarian Nation and the Cultural and Historical Heritage will Never be Called into Question by External Factors

If there is anything more worrying than the virus itself, this is the Bulgarian government’s helplessness in tackling the pandemic, the President told journalists

Being a responsible EU member state, Bulgaria cannot and should not bring into the EU unresolved problems. We cannot lend a European legitimacy of the hatred towards Bulgaria. This is what Head of State Rumen Radev told journalists today, taking a question concerning the dialogue between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia and the prospects for the European integration of our southwestern neighbor. In the President’s words, three years after the Treaty on friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation was signed, we are still observing offensive and unacceptable words regarding Bulgaria, unfortunately.  

The President noted that the Republic of North Macedonia’s EU membership is extremely important not only to our country, but to the whole region. However, “clear guarantees are needed that the unity of the Bulgarian nation and the cultural and historical heritage will never be called into question by external factors.” “We cannot mortgage our national identity,” Rumen Radev stressed.

The Head of State commented that he expects the government to ensure that chapter 35 of the Negotiating Framework for the Republic of North Macedonia’s EU accession incorporates the National Framework Position, adopted by the National Assembly more than a year ago, as clear-cut criteria which should be met throughout the negotiation process. In his words, this seems increasingly less possible and “there is only one option left – postponing the negotiations until a clear and binding bilateral agreement is reached between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia on resolving all bilateral issues.” In Rumen Radev’s words, what the government is currently trying to save – half-hearted declarations about language and name, is only part of the problem, which is much deeper and requires a legally binding document.

Taking a question concerning the health crisis Bulgaria is facing, the Head of State noted that if there is anything more worrying than the virus itself, this is the Bulgarian government’s helplessness in tackling the pandemic.

The President recalled that he has more than once called for the resignation of the cabinet, on the clear grounds that a government, the major aim of which is its own survival, cannot lead the country through the health, social and economic crisis.

“While the government was striding along all types of highways and dairy farms, precious time for taking responsible action was wasted. A government, the aim of which is to survive day by day, is incapable of taking such measures and reality proves it,” Rumen Radev stressed. The Head of State added that results are hard to achieve by taking panic measures and demonstrating Komsomol enthusiasm.



8 April 2021 | 14:02
Increasing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy depends on employing the scientific, educational, and human potential of our country. In this respect, Bulgaria relies on the international expertise and technical support of the World Bank, stated President Rumen Radev during his first meeting with Mr. Fabrizio Zarcone, the World Bank Country Manager for Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, held at the Presidency.

29 March 2021 | 16:04
The power of the European Union lies not only in the free movement of people, goods, services and capital, but mostly in the free exchange of ideas, spirituality and culture. I hope the State leadership of the Republic of North Macedonia, which so energetically demonstrates its aspiration for accession to the European Union will be led by the founding principles of the Community and will be ever more open and tolerant to our common historical and cultural heritage, stated President Rumen Radev at a meeting today at the Presidency with Viktor Stoyanov, creator of the Send a Bulgarian Book to Macedonia civil initiative.

26 March 2021 | 16:04
An expert discussion on the condition and perspectives of developing bilateral relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia was held in the Presidential institution at the initiative of Mr. Rumen Radev

23 March 2021 | 13:01
The Head of State met representatives of the OSCE, participating in the Organisation’s observation mission to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Bulgaria