2021-07-09 17:57:00

Rumen Radev to Margrethe Vestager: The Revised Bulgarian Recovery and Resilience Plan Focuses on Modernisation, Not Fund Absorption

Fund Absorption

Bulgaria expects an open dialogue with the Republic of North Macedonia to lead to sustainable and irreversible results, the President emphasised

Bulgaria’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan, revised by the Caretaker Government, relies on modernising with a focus on a green and digital economy, healthcare and education. Implementing the foreseen projects aims at achieving long-term results for the people and not simply absorbing EU funds, stated President Rumen Radev at a meeting with the Executive Vice President of European Commission Ms. Margrethe Vestager, who is in Sofia to participate in the Sixth Three Seas Initiative Summit.

The Head of State pointed out that our country is revising the Recovery and Resilience Plan to be in line with European Union goals of supporting the ecological and digital transition that will allow for a sustainable economic perspective for Bulgaria. The revised project is expected to be presented for public discussion, following which it should be proposed for approval in the future National Assembly, the President stated. Mr. Rumen Radev and Ms. Margrethe Vestager shared the opinion that, in order for the plan to be implemented effectively, it must gain widespread political and public support, prior to being submitted for approval in Brussels.

During the meeting, the Head of State and the Executive Vice President of the European Commission discussed the transition to climate neutral economy and the EU goals for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. “States should have a clear perspective when carrying out this transition in order to avoid undesired risks for any country’s economy. Social and economic factors must be taken into account,” added Rumen Radev. He further emphasised that it would not be possible for Bulgaria to give up its standard power plants without having an alternative in place.

Rumen Radev and Margrethe Vestager also discussed the European perspective of the Republic of North Macedonia. “There is no other country in the EU for which this topic could be of greater importance than it is to Bulgaria, because citizens on both sides of the border with the Republic of North Macedonia are brothers with a long-standing history,” Mr. Rumen Radev stated. He pointed out that the most important dialogue for achieving progress in the European integration of our southwest neighbour is between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia. “Only thus can we achieve concrete, sustainable and irreversible results to lead to commencing EU Accession talks for the Republic of North Macedonia,” the President added. 


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