24 March 2023 | 19:07
Providing corridors for export of produce from Ukraine should not lead to a distortion of the Bulgarian market and damage the interests of our agricultural producers, the head of State tells Journalists in Brussels

23 March 2023 | 15:03
The inclusion of the Macedonian Bulgarians in the constitution of North Macedonia is the starting point for its European integration, Rumen Radev stressed in Brussels

23 March 2023 | 14:02
Bulgaria is increasingly establishing itself as a country, which, along with the reasoned defence of its interests, generates important initiatives and ideas contributing to the formation of effective European policies. This is what President Rumen Radev said in Brussels before the start of the European Council meeting.

21 March 2023 | 18:06
Rumen Radev meets with OSCE officials participating in the mission to monitor the upcoming early elections

21 March 2023 | 17:05
Overcoming the consequences of the energy crisis through common actions within the EU to lower the prices of energy resources, as well as the possibilities of support for the Member States that have filled their gas storage facilities with natural gas at a price much higher than the going one, were among the topics President Rumen Radev raised in a videoconference with the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.