4 July 2023 | 17:05


Yavor Gechev was born on 10 June 1978 in Plovdiv. He is an engineer-agronomist by education.
In 2001 he graduated from Agricultural University - Plovdiv. He holds a Master's degree in Plant Protection. He has several specialisations - professional qualifications in "Management Skills", "Political Management", "Public Policies" and "Political Management" at New Bulgarian University, Bulgarian School of Politics and Council of Europe in Strasbourg.
During the first years of his professional biography he was a farmer. After that he started to gain serious professional experience in the State Fund "Agriculture", he started as an expert and reached the position of Head of the Regional Paying Agency - Plovdiv.
Since 2013, he has been a deputy in the 42nd National Assembly. In the same year, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food.
Yavor Gechev is the third Chairman of the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in Bulgaria. He was elected to this post on 28 June 2016 and held it until May 2021, when he was invited and subsequently reappointed as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in the two caretaker governments appointed by President Rumen Radev.
On 2 August 2022, he took office as caretaker Minister of Agriculture. Yavor Gechev also holds the post of Minister of Agriculture in the caretaker government appointed by President Rumen Radev from 3 February 2023.
He was appointed advisor to the President on agriculture by Decree No. 118 of 3 July 2023.