20 November 2012 | 23:11

Kuzman Ganchev (2011)

Kuzman Ganchev has a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from the Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. He was distinguished with a special award for achieving high academic results. He has a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania where he also successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in the sphere of machine learning with linear models with application in computer linguistics on which he worked for a couple of years. Ganchev is author of 22 scientific publications, published in over 300 prestigious international journals and in proceedings of international conferences. He is a member of international program committees. In the period 2008-2009 he was a visiting scientific collaborator in the Institute for Parallel Processing of Information at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He delivered a course of lectures on “Machine learning with linear models” in a master’s program on artificial intelligence at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies at Sofia University. Kuzman Ganchev is author of a software suite for machine learning which is currently used by the Ontotext company, Sofia for analyzing bio-medical texts. Other approaches and concrete systems developed by him or with his participation are used by the US companies TrialPay Inc. and Bank of America. One method for the necessary reduction of memory consumption in machine learning, which he offered in an article of 2008 has won wide recognition and is used by the Yahoo! Inc company. Since the autumn of 2010 Ganchev has been working at Google.