15 May 2017 | 15:03

The 2017 edition of the President of Bulgaria’s "John Atanasoff” Awards begins

On May 15th begins this year’s contest for the “John Atanasoff” Presidential Awards, which are bestowed on distinguished young Bulgarian scientists and researchers in computer science and related fields since 2003. The Awards bear the name of world-renowned inventor of Bulgarian origin John Atanasoff - the creator of the first electronic digital computer.

The 2017 edition of the presidential initiative will be comprised of the following four categories, which include the main “John Atanasoff” Award and three award certificates:

·         The highest prize in the contest is The “John Atanasoff” Award which celebrates the success of young Bulgarian computer scientists. It aims to encourage and promote worldwide the development of their potential and talent.

·         The “John Atanasoff – Students and Their Teachers” award certificate highlights the achievements of Bulgarian students with the highest scores at international Student Olympiads in Informatics and Information Technologies and the teachers who trained them.

·         The “John Atanasoff – Projects with outstanding social significance” category highlights technological projects, created with the concept to benefit society in a relevant manner.

·         Lastly, the “John Atanasoff - Debut breakthrough in the field of computer technologies" category distinguishes talented Bulgarian students, who have developed breakthrough projects and achieved outstanding results at international science and engineering fairs and competitions.

The winners of the “John Atanasoff” Prize and Honors are nominated by a jury composed of leading scientists and professionals in the field of computer science.

The deadline for applying for the “John Atanasoff” Awards contest is 21 August 2017. The rules for each of the categories and the required documents for participation in the competition are published on the official website of the presidential institution.