3 April 2014 | 14:02

The Competition for the John Atanasoff Awards Will be Held for a 12th Year in a Row

Today, 3 April, the competition for the award named after the world-famous inventor of Bulgarian origin John Atanasoff will be launched. The John Atanasoff award presented by the President of Bulgaria is given for achievements in the sphere of information and communication technologies and will be awarded for a 12th year in a row.

Since 2003 onwards the John Atanasoff award highlights the achievements of talented young Bulgarian scholars whose inventions have a high potential for implementation. The competition is held in three categories – the award for a promising young inventor, a diploma for implementing scholarly achievements and projects of high public value and a diploma for students and their teachers.

For the first time all participants who have reached the final stage of the competition will have the opportunity to take part in tutorial or probation programs and the bearers of the John Atanasoff award – in a scientific project of an established team of specialists. Thus the young talents will have the chance to participate in the process of creating new knowledge in the academic circles and in the implementation of innovative inventions in the real practice of the business circles and in people’s everyday lives.

The deadline for applying for the awards is 6 August 2014. The rules for each one of the categories and the necessary documents for participating in the competition are published on the internet page of the Award.

You can get additional information from the telephone numbers 02/92 39 106 and at the e-mail address: nagradajohnatanasoff@president.bg