10 May 2016 | 14:02

Win the 2016 "John Atanasoff” Awards of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria!

On May 10th began this year’s contest for the John Atanasoff Presidential Awards that distinguishes rising stars – researchers and entrepreneurs alike – in computer science and related fields, including cryptology, computational linguistics and robotics.

The highest prize in the contest is The John Atanasoff Award that celebrates the success of rising young computer scientists of Bulgarian descent with a proven research track record and applied acumen.

In recognition of the increasing importance computer science, digital skills and entrepreneurship all have in our society, since 2012 the awards expanded to include the following three additional categories:

  • The John Atanasoff: Students and Their Teachers category highlights the achievements of the students with the highest scores at international Student Olympiads in Informatics and ICT, and the teams of teachers who trained them.
  • The John Atanasoff: First Steps in Computer Science category distinguishes talented students aged 12-22, who have achieved outstanding results with their personal projects submitted at international science and engineering fairs and competitions.
  • The John Atanasoff: Outstanding Projects with Social Value-Added category highlights projects – stat-ups included - that address open and relevant issues of social significance. All developers of initiatives broadly fitting these criteria under the age of 35 are eagerly encouraged to apply.

The laureates of the 2016 John Atanasoff Presidential Awards will be selected by a Jury comprising leading IT scientists and business and digital leaders. The laureates will also receive additional prizes tailored to support their professional development.  The deadline for applications to all categories is 22 August 2016.

All interested candidates are encouraged to find out more about the award at http://www.president.bg/content/37/Nagrada-Jonh-Atanasov/&lang=en or ask questions at nagradajohnatanasoff@president.bg.