1 January 2018 | 00:12

New Year’s Address of President Rumen Radev

Dear compatriots,

We are together at the end of 2017, just as we have been together throughout all the days of the year. We have been together despite the differences, distances and borders between us, because what connects us is our common destiny.

On New Year’s Eve we all wish ourselves that 2018 should be more generous than the year that has just elapsed. However, to ensure yourself a generous New Year, your own efforts are not always sufficient – other people should devote their attention, time and understanding. Therefore I am thinking above all about the people who are going through a difficult period in their lives: the disillusioned, sick, lonely people. I am thinking about those whose relatives and friends are far away abroad and about the thousands of poor Bulgarians who are struggling to survive today. Every step to these people restores part of our dignity as a society.

I would like to thank all those who in 2017 struggled for a better Bulgaria. Although the past year brought hopes, it did not bring about a crucial change. Truth, justice and the rule of law remain expectations that have not been yet materialized. The New Year will put to the test the democracy in Bulgarian. I do believe that we have the wisdom and character to preserve it.

Each one of us associates the turn of years with good intentions, hopes and promises. The latter often fade away in January. Successful are those people who spare no efforts throughout the year. After all whether the year is good or bad depends on us and mostly on our joint efforts to create a fair, worthy and united society.  However, common sense, will and morality are necessary to this end.

In 2018 let us all be as demanding on ourselves as we are on other people. Let us use our freedom wisely. Let us realize the power of unity. Let us overcome disillusionment and unleash the enormous potential of our people, which has always been famous for its viability, strength and talents.

May we be healthy and may the New Year bring happiness, love and prosperity to our homes!

Happy New Year!