22 September 2015 | 10:10


Dear fellow-countrymen,

In 1908 the ancient Holy Forty Martyrs Church in the former capital city of Veliko Turnovo was the place where the Manifesto of the Bulgarian independence was first read. King Ferdinand of Bulgaria made a memorable speech: „Elated by this sacred deed and in response to the needs of the state and the wishes of the people, with God’s blessing I declare Bulgaria, united on 6 September 1885 an independent Bulgarian Kingdom”!

“Hundred and seven years have passed since this historic act. The determination and boldness, however, with which Bulgaria sought and obtained its deserved and equal place among sovereign European countries will never fade away.

Never shall we forget that the declaration of Bulgaria’s Independence was not just a formal legal act. This political act was backed by meticulous preparation and accord, diplomatic ingenuity and people’s will to defend at all costs the historical right of the Bulgarian people.

That is why September 22 has become one of the dates in our national calendar which show that our most significant successes have been achieved with our own united efforts, led by common sense, unity and responsibility,”

“The words used by a foreign newspaper to describe the events which impressed the entire continent of Europe back then are indicative: “Being practical and sensible Bulgarians realised that historical events cannot come as a result of one act but rather of a slow, methodical and energetic preparation…”

Only 30 years after its liberation Bulgaria made a huge leap forward and managed to achieve historic victories with persistence and strategic thought and to guarantee its progress.

The Unification and Independence were a necessary prerequisite for economic and social progress. These acts of the Bulgarian nation garnered respect due to their determination and won respect far beyond Bulgaria’s borders.

Every generation should fight its battles, follow its causes set by times and circumstances. Under much worse than present conditions young Bulgaria raised its head high and confidently took its place on the international political stage. That is why I firmly believe that if we manage to shake off the pessimism and make an effort, we can also achieve greatness today.

In times of challenges and hardships, we should always remember the determination and the strong will of our ancestors. There we can find the strength and inspiration needed to uphold Bulgaria’s dignity, national independence and the wellbeing of our children.

Long live free and independent Bulgaria!

Long live the Bulgarian nation!