30 October 2012 | 23:11


She graduated in law from Sofia University St. Kliment. Ohridski. For many years, she was Chief Auditor at the National Audit Office and later was Director of the Audit of EU Funds Executive Agency at the Ministry of Finance. Up to the beginning of 2012, she was Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Justice. The Secretariat is responsible for the processing of petitions received, proposals, reports, complaints and requests from citizens and organizations, as well as responding with solutions that are timely, fair and lawful, to the extent that this is not a function of another body or official. It is the responsibility of the Directorate to organize receiving of citizens and temporary reception facilities outside the capital city, and to prepare monthly summary reports to the Chief Secretary of the President of the nature of petitions received, proposals, reports, complaints and requests for action, with a copy of the unit’s report provided to the Strategic Policy Analysis and Forecasting unit. Employees of the department are responsible for processing applications for access to public information, preparing draft decisions granting or denying access to information under the Access to Information Act and monitoring the provision of information or notice of denial within the statutory period. The Directorate’s secretarial activity relates to dealing with incoming, internal and outgoing correspondence - receiving, recording, acting according to rules on incoming correspondence reaching addressees as well as dealing with outgoing messages.

The Secretariate is structured into Reception and Filing and Technical Services.