30 October 2012 | 12:12

Legal Directorate

Director: Boyanka Mladenova.

The Legal Directorate provides legal support to the Presidential Administration for the proper performance of its functions. The Directorate is structured into three departments: the Legal and Procurement Department, the Decrees Department and the Reception Department.

The Legal and Procurement Unit prepares legal opinions, monitors the legality of procedures related to staff relations, drafts internal acts of the Secretary-General, reports on changes in legislation relevant to the administration; provides legal representation. Responsible for the proper preparation and conduct of procedures under the Public Procurement Act. Organises the drafting of decisions on applications received under the Access to Public Information Act.

The Decrees Division carries out the activities related to the procedure for the preparation and issuance of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Decrees. It keeps a register of decrees. When issuing decrees appointing persons to senior public office, it carries out the activities relating to the notification of the Anti-Corruption Commission and the timely submission of declarations of incompatibility.

The Secretariat Department takes action to deal with petitions, proposals, tipoffs, complaints and requests from citizens and organisations. It organises the reception of citizens.