30 October 2012 | 23:11


Director: Milen Topalov.

He completed master’s degree courses at the Technical University Sofia and the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, specialising in marketing and management. From 1996, he was director of a directorate at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. Milen Topalov has several postgraduate qualifications from the Institute of Public Administration and European Integration, including in co-ordination and monitoring of projects with opportunities for public-private partnerships, contemporary management skills and management of state and municipal property.

The Directorate is structured in three sections: Finance, Business and Information and Communication Services. The Directorate’s main task is to organise and implement the financial and accounting policies of the Presidency in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, and it is responsible for managing the property, logistics, information and communication activities provided to the President, the Vice President and the Administration of the President. The Directorate drafts a draft budget and three-year budget forecast for the Presidency, under the unified budget classification and programme format, organises and implements uniform accounting practices in a full budget classification in accordance with legislative rules and standards, organises and carries out logistical services for the Presidency and performs tasks related to the achievement of network and information security for the Presidential Administration.