30 October 2012 | 23:11


Director: Milen Topalov.

The Directorate is structured in the departments of Finance, Logistics and Information and Communication Services, and its main task is to organise and implement the financial and accounting activities of the Presidency in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. The Directorate is responsible also for the management of the property, material and technical, information and communication services of the activities of the President, the Vice President and the Presidential Administration.

The Finance, Logistics and Information Services Directorate develops the draft budget and the three-year budget forecast of the Presidency, in accordance with the Unified Budget Classification and in a programmatic format; organises and implements unified accounting by full budget classification and by accounting accounts in accordance with regulatory requirements and standards; organises and implements the material and technical support of the Presidency; implements activities related to achieving network and information security of the Presidential Administration.