22 May 2012 | 11:11
At a news conference at 2 Dondoukov Boulevard today, Vice President Margarita Popova gave a briefing on the Commission on Bulgarian Citizenship Bulgarians Abroad at the President's Administration. The Commission is a permanent advisory body and assists the Bulgarian Vice President in exercising the power of granting or revocation of citizenship. The Commission consists of three full-time employees in the President’s Administration.

22 May 2012 | 09:09
Mutual trust and a stable macro-economic environment create good prospects for the development of economic co-operation between Bulgaria and China, agreed Vice President Margarita Popova and Wang Lequan, a member of the CCP Politburo and Vice-Chairman of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee at the CCP Central Committee. The two held talks today at 2 Dondoukov Boulevard and highlighted the common interest of Bulgaria and China in increasing bilateral trade and further strengthening co-operation in the fields of infrastructure, agriculture and energy.

22 May 2012 | 00:12
Official visit by the Head of State to the US concludes with attendance of the NATO Summit Bulgaria’s contribution to support Afghan security forces after 2014 will amount to $500 000 a year. On the second day of the NATO Summit in Chicago, each of the member states of the Alliance announced its financial commitments under the plan for NATO security assistance to Afghanistan beyond 2014. The total volume of resources that NATO will provide to the country from 2015 will total $ 4.1 billion annually, as it is envisaged that Afghanistan will participate with its own contribution to the fund. This was announced by President Rosen Plevneliev after a summit meeting on Afghanistan.

20 May 2012 | 19:07
President Rosen Plevneliev took part in the NATO heads of state and government session in Chicago. The leaders adopted a declaration on the capabilities and highlights of the NATO strategy to 2020. A very strong political signal was sent that the union will be strong, despite the risks arising from financial constraints, President Plevneliev told Bulgarian media covering the forum in Chicago. The concept of smart defence is one of the mechanisms to overcome the risks to the abilities of NATO countries resulting from the reduction of public spending on defence.

19 May 2012 | 19:07
On the fifth day of his visit to the United States, President Rosen Plevneliev met the Bulgarian community in Chicago. In the Botanical Garden of the Windy City, the Head of State assured fellow Bulgarians that the coming years will see a different Bulgaria where “everything is upgraded and developed”. When Bulgaria reaches about 60 per cent of the average standard of living, then the Bulgarians abroad will begin to return home, the President predicted.