28 March 2012 | 17:05
President Rosen Plevneliev gave the closing address at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a conference of diplomatic heads of mission abroad. The Presidential institution will not be a rival centre of foreign policy and will work not in competition but in co-operation with the Foreign Ministry and Bulgaria’s diplomats abroad for an active and effective foreign policy. President Rosen Plevneliev said this in a speech to more than 60 heads of Bulgarian diplomatic missions abroad. In the presence of Foreign Minister Nickolay Mladenov, the Head of State gave the closing address at the two-day conference of Ambassadors, organized by the Foreign Ministry.

28 March 2012 | 15:03
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov informed President Rosen Plevneliev of the Government's decision to annul a previous decision by the Council of Ministers to build Belene nuclear power station. The Prime Minister said that the reason was that a project on this scale cannot be financially supported by Bulgaria. The Government said that on the basis of the facts available, it would be economically feasible to choose the option of building unit seven of Kozloduy nuclear power station, as the site has most of the supporting infrastructure, and this would ensure the future of nuclear energy in the country. The Prime Minister said that all efforts in Bulgaria’s energy policy should be directed towards achieving greater efficiency in the production, transmission and production of energy.

27 March 2012 | 14:02
Bulgaria has fulfilled all the criteria and should join the Schengen zone in autumn this year, and compliance with the rules is a guarantee of equal partnership in the European Union. This is the position jointly backed today by the Presidents of Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

23 March 2012 | 15:03
“The implementation of judicial reform and fighting corruption are not just ‘European commitments’ by Bulgarian institutions, but reflect Bulgarian citizens’ expectations of justice,” President Rosen Plevneliev said today at a meeting at 2 Dondoukov Boulevard with Catherine Day, Secretary-General of the European Commission.

22 March 2012 | 11:11
"To join the European Union in 2007, Bulgaria and Romania signed documents attesting that they had no outstanding mutual territorial claims. Since then, Romania obviously has sought a quick solution to a problem that it did not put on the table as a territorial claim.”