2018-07-09 17:40:00

Rumen Radev: I Try to Cultivate Relations of Mutual Trust and Respect with All Presidents of All of Bulgaria’s Neighboring Countries

“My ambition is to cultivate relations of mutual trust and respect with all presidents of all our neighboring countries. We should not forget that in today’s realities and particularly in our region, good-neighborliness plays a key role in keeping peace and ensuring stability.” This is what President Rumen Radev told the Bulgarian National Radio in Ankara taking a question concerning the fact that he is the only president of an EU member state that will attend the inauguration of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as president of the Republic of Turkey.
“More than once have I drawn the attention to Turkey’s unacceptable interference in the Bulgarian elections and our religious affairs. However, I am convinced that the non-interference in domestic affairs is the basis of good neighborliness, which is so necessary to us. I am here because I respect the election of the Turkish people and I expect our neighbors should do the same,” Rumen Radev further said asked about the prospects for the development of the bilateral relations after our neighbor has won recognition as a presidential republic. The Head of State added that Turkey is not only Bulgaria’s biggest trade partner outside the EU, but also Europe’s southeastern gate, which currently withstands the migration pressure.
“After the catastrophic failure of our energy policy, Turkey is becoming a key factor regarding the reliability of our energy security, the supplies and price of natural gas,” the Bulgarian President further said. The Head of State voiced conviction that together with the Turkish president they will work towards promoting the bilateral relations in the spirit of good-neighborliness, mutual respect and partnership.


20 May 2019 | 14:02
“For Bulgaria, Germany is a strategic partner in the EU and a very close partner in NATO,” Rumen Radev said and added that our country relies on German support for the modernization of the Bulgarian army and for the full integration of the Bulgarian defense industry and science within the common European projects, including those financed by the European Defense Fund.

12 May 2019 | 19:07
Rumen Radev noted that the bilateral good-neighborliness agreement with the Republic of North Macedonia should be included in North Macedonia’s EU accession documents

9 May 2019 | 10:10
The European Union is Europe’s greatest achievement and the EU’s greatest achievement is the preservation of peace in Europe for more than seven decades already. This is what President Rumen Radev told journalists today after he took part in the wreath-laying ceremony in front of the monument of the Unknown Soldier in Sofia on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the victory over Nazism.

9 May 2019 | 09:09
On the eve of the elections for national representatives in the European Parliament 21 Heads of State of EU member states called on the European citizens for casting their vote to decide which path united Europe should follow.