2018-09-13 13:32:00

Presidents Rumen Radev and Prokopis Pavlopoulos: Bulgaria and Greece Share a Common Responsibility for Strengthening Stability and Good-neighborliness in the Balkans

Bulgaria and Greece share a common responsibility for strengthening stability in Southeastern Europe and for the development of good-neighborly relations in our region. This was the common stance shared by the Presidents of Bulgaria and Greece, Rumen Radev and Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who held a meeting today in Riga within the XIV meeting of the Heads of State of the Arraiolos group.

The EU member states from the Balkans should be much more active when forming and preserving the focus on the whole process of European integration in the region, Rumen Radev and Prokopis Pavlopoulos emphasized. The fulfillment of the European prospects for the Balkan countries which have the ambition to ensure a full-fledged EU membership, is a process that requires not only support from outside, but also a clear political will and real reforms conducted by our neighbors, so that they can meet the membership criteria, it further emerged at the meeting. Rumen Radev was adamant that fragmentation of the region should be avoided even when tension arises between individual countries in Southeastern Europe.

Both Rumen Radev and Prokopis Pavlopoulos highlighted the positive trend of increasing the trade between Bulgaria and Greece, which exceeded 3 billion euros in 2017. In the two Presidents’ words, the development of the infrastructure and tourism that connects the two countries is a factor ensuring a follow-up increase of mutual investments. In President Radev’s opinion, the encouraging signs of recovery of the Greek economy after the financial crisis in the country will promote not only bilateral trade, but also the economic exchange in the region.


29 July 2019 | 16:04
Bulgaria is the shortest route that connects China with Europe, which makes our country the most advantageous entrance for China to the EU. This is what Head of State Rumen Radev said at a meeting with representatives of Chinese companies involved in the implementation of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. The talks are a continuation of the Bulgarian President’s state visit in China at the beginning of July 2019, at which a lot of leading Chinese companies were invited to invest in the development of the Bulgarian transport, energy, tourism, innovations.

23 July 2019 | 17:05
Bulgaria and Croatia are related by friendship, based on deep historical and spiritual ties and the Bulgarian national community in the country has its significant contribution to strengthening and developing the bilateral relations. This is what President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian national minority in Croatia held in Zagreb today.

23 July 2019 | 15:03
Presidents Rumen Radev and Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic signed a joint message to President Xi Jinping for developing the relations with China and opening a direct flight Beijing-Sofia-Zagreb

18 July 2019 | 20:08
The challenges the Bulgarian diplomacy is facing require consolidation, coordination and extremely good communication, President Rumen Radev told the heads of the Bulgarian diplomatic missions abroad