2019-01-30 21:24:00

At a Meeting in Lisbon Presidents Rumen Radev and Marcelo Rebelo de Suosa Called for Conducting a Reform of the European Migration Policy and the Asylum Granting Policy

The migratory pressure on Europe requires that the EU member states adopt a new approach and reforms be conducted of the policy pertaining to migration and asylum granting so that not only human rights can be adequately safeguarded, but also the stability of the European countries and the citizens’ security.  This was the common stance shared by Rumen Radev and Marcelo Rebelo de Suosa, who held talks in Lisbon today. The Bulgarian President is on a state visit to the Republic of Portugal at the invitation of his counterpart.

As countries protecting the external European borders, Bulgaria and Portugal are among the countries most interested in framing a common efficient policy on coping with the migratory pressure. A more active dialogue should be held between the EU and the countries of origin of the migrants and support for the latter’s economic and social development in order to find an efficient and sustainable solution should be ensured, it emerged at the meeting. In President Radev’s opinion, the creation of centers for migrants outside the EU territory, will also contribute to improving security.

The two Presidents noted that Bulgaria and Portugal share similar positions on a lot of issues on the EU agenda and within the international organizations and will continue their active dialogue in this direction.   At the meeting the Bulgarian Head of State raised the issue pertaining to the prepared Mobility 1 package, which, in his words, affects the interests of tens of thousands of Bulgarian citizens and has an enormous effect on the Bulgarian economy, the growth of national income and employment. Rumen Radev emphasized that he has already expressed Bulgaria’s position on the topic in a letter to the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani.
The two Heads of State also discussed a lot of issues related to Brexit, the prospects for strengthening European integration in the spheres of security and defense, the development of the policy of partnership with third countries. President Marcelo Rebelo de Suosa also highlighted Bulgaria’s achievements since the country has been working for years in support of the European integration of its neighbors from the Western Balkans, as an important contribution to building a united Europe.

It emerged at the meeting that although Bulgaria and Portugal are located at the opposite ends of Europe, the peoples of the two countries are very close to each other in terms of their worldviews and rich cultural traditions, which is an excellent prerequisite for a follow-up deepening of the bilateral relations in the spheres of economy, tourism, education, culture and science. President Radev extended gratitude to his counterpart for Portugal’s good attitude to the Bulgarian community and for its full integration in the country.

Highest state awards were exchanged at the meeting of the two Heads of State.

Earlier the Bulgarian Head of State was welcomed by his Portuguese counterpart Marcelo Rebelo de Suosa with an official ceremony at the Empire square in Lisbon.  Rumen Radev laid a wreath at the Jeronimos monastery and paid tribute to the memory of the great Portuguese poet Luis Vaz di Camoes.

During the second day of his visit in Portugal, Head of State Rumen Radev will hold talks with the country’s Prime Minister Antonio Kosta and the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues.  In Lisbon the Bulgarian Head of State will meet the mayor of the city Fernando Medina. At a ceremony in the Pacos do Conselho de Lisboa Palace, Rumen Radev will receive the honorary key of the city.

In the Bulgarian Embassy in Lisbon President Rumen Radev will talk to our compatriots living and working in Portugal. The Bulgarian Head of State is accompanied by his wife Desislava Radeva during his visit.    


19 March 2019 | 17:05
The future of united Europe requires a strong cultural presence and preserving the cultural identity of all EU member states. Europe will lose a lot if the cultural achievements of the European states are impaired as a result of globalization and the EU remains a space deprived of its spiritual traditions. This was the common stance shared by President Rumen Radev and Helene Carrere d’Encausse, Perpetual Secretary of the Academie Francaise, who held talks at 2 Dondukov street toady. The meeting was also attended by the French Ambassador to Bulgaria Eric Lebedel.

11 March 2019 | 18:06
The Bulgarian Head of State congratulated Borut Pahor for his contribution to achieving a national reconciliation in Slovenia

10 March 2019 | 17:05
The rescue of the Bulgarian Jews is not only a historical event, but an inspiring example for people to follow today and tomorrow, Rumen Radev said