2020-10-01 13:58:00

The President: The Report of the European Commission Identified Problems that have been Obvious for the Bulgarians for Years

My gratitude and support is for all Bulgarians who have stopped waiting for findings and solutions from outside and are fighting to take their country back, Rumen Radev said

The report of the European Commission identified problems that have been obvious for the Bulgarians for years. However, when we comment this report, we should be aware that the report is not only critical of Bulgaria, but is also self-critical of the EU itself, because it is a self-recognition of a long-standing failure in the fight against rampant corruption. This is what President Rumen Radev told journalists today, taking a question concerning the published report of the European Commission on the rule of law in the member states.

The Head of State noted that the continuation of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism proves that the government does not receive European indulgence because of its failure in fighting corruption. “My gratitude and support is for all Bulgarians who have stopped waiting for findings and solutions from outside to cope with political corruption, the bad media environment, oligarchic dependencies, the lack of control over the prosecutor general and are fighting to take their country back,” President Rumen Radev further said.

The prosecutor general’s systematic violation of law and the public interest in an effort to protect by all means the government and certain oligarchs and to attack the inconvenient, undermines the foundation of the rule-of-law state and requires a reaction from the whole judicial system, the President further said, asked to comment the call by the Union of Judges to remove the prosecutor general from office. The President voiced hope that by pooling efforts we will give the respectable Bulgarian prosecutors the chance to start a real fight against corruption and defend the rule of law.

Asked whether he expects that the imposed Election Code amendments will be upheld in parliament, Rumen Radev said that it is logical that the opposition should support the veto. “But this will happen only if certain parties decide whether they are an opposition or not. This depends on the way they vote,” the Head of State further added.  


5 November 2020 | 15:03
Head of State Rumen Radev discussed in a telephone conversation with his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis the prospects for partnership while Bulgaria hosts the Three Seas Presidential Initiative. During the conversation, which was held at the initiative of the Bulgarian President, it was stressed that, as close neighbors, Bulgaria and Romania have the opportunity to implement joint projects in different areas, which could contribute to the better transport, energy and digital connectivity in the whole region.

4 November 2020 | 15:03
Presidents Rumen Radev and Stevo Pendarovski held a telephone call, in which they discussed the two countries’ positions regarding the conditions for the Republic of North Macedonia’s launching negotiations on its EU membership.

3 November 2020 | 18:06
Head of State Rumen Radev held a telephone call with his German counterpart the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The Bulgarian President congratulated his German counterpart on the priorities of the German presidency of the Council of the EU, directed at promoting fair social changes in the economy, society and the labor market and offering support to the industry and the SMEs in conditions of crisis.

3 November 2020 | 16:04
If there is anything more worrying than the virus itself, this is the Bulgarian government’s helplessness in tackling the pandemic, the President told journalists