2012-02-24 11:00:00

President Plevneliev launched a "month of political consultations"

The agenda of the Consultative Council on National Security to be held at the end of March will include energy security and independence and energy efficiency. This emerged at a meeting between President Rosen Plevneliev and the co-chairs of the Blue Coalition, Martin Dimitrov and Ivan Kostov. The meeting with the political leadership of the Blue Coalition was the first in the “month of political consultations” initiated by the President.

The Blue Coalition leaders briefed the Head of State on the policy priorities and initiatives of the coalition and supported the intention of the President to regularly put before parliament his views on topical issues of national importance. At the meeting, the main political priorities were highlighted as including energy security and independence, as well as decisions on the energy sector being transparent and based on strong public debate, reform of the judiciary,
the conditions for effective functioning of small and medium businesses and the protection of such businesses from those in dominant market positions, the need to find a balanced solution to the funding of public debt; and administrative reform to improve government efficiency.

President Rosen Plevneliev and the Blue Coalition leaders agreed on the need for national political and social consensus on the objectives of the Bulgaria 2020 strategy, because the long-term commitments in the document will be pursued, negotiated and funded by successive governments up to 2020.

The President also took a strong position against steps that would lead to harmonization of the tax base for corporate taxation in the European Union. In his words, Bulgaria’s tax policy regarding businesses gave it a significant advantage, which must be maintained.

The President will support the idea of the Blue Coalition for a major campaign to increase the confidence of the Bulgarian citizens, who would be able to invest in government securities in a way similar to the example of Italy and other European countries. In this way, citizens would be able help the government in its efforts to achieve a balanced solution for the financing of government bonds that will be maturing in early 2013, while it will invest in instruments with a guaranteed return, President Plevneliev said.

The Blue Coalition has prepared a draft law on the National Intelligence Service, which it will present to the President’s team, it emerged during the meeting.


1 March 2021 | 15:03
The undertaking of timely measures for adequate protection of the rights of Bulgarian citizens abroad whenever they are the subject of attacks due to their national self-identity was discussed by President Rumen Radev at a meeting at the Presidency with the leaders of the Security Services. Vice President Iliana Iotova also participated.

1 March 2021 | 15:03
“Cooperation in the field of innovation and scientific research is of key importance for achieving the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) connectivity goals in the field of energy, transport and digitalization,” said President Rumen Radev at a meeting held today at the Presidency with the President of the Scientific Research and Innovation State Agency Martin Danovski.

22 February 2021 | 11:11
President Rumen Radev calls for a timely response from responsible institutions in Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia to the signals of our compatriots in our South-Western neighbour regarding important issues they are facing. The Bulgarian Head of State’s position is motivated by a letter received at the Presidency from ethnic Bulgarians in the Republic of North Macedonia in which they express concern at the continuing discrimination against them in the Republic of North Macedonia.

4 February 2021 | 17:05
President Rumen Radev and the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Christoph Eichhorn discussed topics on the European agenda and of the bilateral partnership today during a meeting at the Presidency. The perspectives of broadening the bilateral economic and investment cooperation and of improving the investment climate in Bulgaria were also highlighted during the meeting.