2022-01-06 13:05:00

Radev: 'I welcome the intentions to intensify the dialogue with the Republic of North Macedonia, but I also expect all the open issues to be resolved'

The resolution of the crisis in Ukraine will not be achieved with threats to use force or more weapons, but through dialogue and diplomacy, the President told journalists

I welcome the intentions of the Bulgarian government to intensify the dialogue with the Republic of North Macedonia on all important issues of reciprocal interest, but in parallel I expect all the outstanding problems to be solved. This is what Head of State Rumen Radev said in response to a journalist's question today, after attending the traditional Epiphany water blessing of the Bulgarian armed forces military colours in Alexander Nevsky square in Sofia.

In the President's words, the constitutional guarantees for the rights of the Macedonian Bulgarians, the renunciation of hate speech, the cessation of the processes of de-Bulgarisation, falsification and destruction of the Bulgarian millenary cultural and historical heritage will facilitate and accelerate the EU accession process so that membership negotiations can be started with the Republic of North Macedonia.

'Bulgaria is the biggest supporter of the European integration of the Western Balkan countries and especially of the brotherly Republic of North Macedonia, but this depends on the individual progress of each candidate country,' Radev stressed. He pointed out that this country remains open to dialogue and expressed confidence that all the promises and commitments made by our neighbours in implementation of the bilateral treaty will be fulfilled in order to speed up the European accession process, especially of the Republic of North Macedonia.

'The resolution of the crisis in Ukraine will not be achieved through the use or threat of force. It will not happen through a military build-up, but through dialogue and more diplomacy,' President Radev said in response to a question. He clarified that no request has been made for the deployment of allied troops in Bulgaria, so any speculations on this topic are irrelevant. 'Right now there is no escalation of the crisis in Ukraine. Let us take into account the current situation,' he added, pointing out that a further escalation of tensions would destabilise not only our region but also the whole of Europe.

At the Epiphany ceremony, the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces reviewed the troops and laid a wreath at the Unknown Warrior Monument.


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