2022-06-22 08:42:00

There is a lack of a decisive policy aimed at ending the war in Ukraine faster, Rumen Radev says at the Sofia Economic Forum III

Diplomacy has failed to prevent the conflict in Ukraine and continues to retreat. There is a lack of a decisive policy to put a quicker end to the aggression and the war, from which not only the warring parties but also all European economies are losing every day.  This is what President Rumen Radev said at the Sofia Economic Forum III. The head of State was an honorary guest and a speaker at the closing part of the event. The forum brought together representatives of institutions, local authorities, businesses, ambassadors, and among the topics discussed yesterday were energy, economy and security in the context of the war in Ukraine and Bulgaria's role in the region of Southeast Europe.

In the President's words, since the end of the Cold War Europe has taken peace for granted and not enough efforts have been made either in defence and security or in the field of diplomacy. We have to ask ourselves why diplomacy is going after missiles and bombs, Rumen Radev said, adding that multilateralism is in crisis and the security architecture established until recently has collapsed, as building a new sustainable model requires healthy economies and reorientation of certain economic sectors. The President stressed that global challenges required a global response and united efforts.   

In order to achieve a high quality of life for citizens, our economies must be strong and functioning, and several factors - security, reliable and affordable energy, transport and connectivity - are important for this. This base should be built upon with science, technology, education and innovation to ensure a vision for the future and competitiveness, Rumen Radev added.  Regarding energy, the President said that innovative and reasonable solutions should be sought, taking care of social aspects, to overcome the biggest threat to European economies - high prices, the use of energy resources as a political weapon and the abrupt halt of supplies. The head of State stressed that countries should join efforts to develop and deploy affordable and secure energy storage methods - with joint investments, practical and applied developments and consolidated efforts of businesses and the authorities.  In the field of transport, the President called for the development of not only cross-border but trans-regional cooperation spanning several countries, which would increase the efficiency of the funds invested in projects.  

We need to work together to develop through innovative education the potential of young people so that they are able to build a competitive economy with sustainable growth in the future, President Radev said. He added that investments in science, education and culture will also make economies much more efficient.  In Rumen Radev's words, these are also the spheres where young people can quickly establish contacts with each other and countries can interact most fully.  

The head of State pointed out that Bulgaria has favourable conditions for investments and stressed that with the launching of the INSAIT institute for computer science, artificial intelligence and technology, this country has the potential to shape itself as a regional hub for the development of scientific innovations in support of business.  Referring to the political developments in the country, the President said that the situation is dynamic like in any democracy and the goal should be to develop the country progressively and in the interest of the citizens.


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