2022-09-26 18:57:00

President Radev and his Egyptian counterpart discuss bilateral cooperation in energy and economy

In a telephone conversation, President Rumen Radev and his Egyptian opposite number Abdel Fattah El-Sisi discussed the opportunities for deepening the bilateral cooperation in the energy and economic sectors. They shared the view that the trust in the relations between the two countries is an excellent fundament for the subsequent comprehensive all-round development of the bilateral partnership.

In the current energy crisis, Egypt has the potential to strengthen its partnership relations in the energy sector both with Bulgaria and with a number of countries in the region, it was underlined during the talk. Egypt is among the exporters of LNG and electricity, and President El-Sisi expressed interest in deepening cooperation with Bulgaria in the field of renewable energy sources, and the production of electric vehicles and batteries for them. It was agreed that an expert delegation from Bulgaria would visit Egypt to discuss specific projects in these areas.

Bulgaria highly appreciates Egypt's role as a regional factor in strengthening security and stability in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in combating human trafficking and tackling migration flows to Europe, Radev said. The need for concerted actions in checking climate change and the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference this year, which Egypt will host, were also among the highlights of the talk.

President Radev renewed his invitation to the President of Egypt to visit this country.



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