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6 June 2023 | 18:06
Building the defence capabilities of the Eastern flank from the Baltic to the Black Sea, defence spending, the Alliance's Open Doors policy, preparedness and countering hybrid threats that undermine the unity of the Alliance and its vulnerable partners were also put to debate

3 June 2023 | 20:08
The implementation of the projects launched by the caretaker government after my meeting with President Erdogan in 2022 gives a strong boost to trade and economy not only for Bulgaria but also for Europe, Rumen Radev said

1 June 2023 | 18:06
Radev and Recean underlined the excellent bilateral relations and the ambition to further build and develop them

1 June 2023 | 18:06
Rumen Radev highlighted the ongoing project to set up an operational working group in Bulgaria, with the assistance of Europol, to combat the powerful financial centres in a number of European countries that direct the flows of illegal migration