2024-05-09 19:28:00

Head of State: Bulgaria Will Foster Ties with the Bulgarian Community in the Republic of Kosovo

Bulgaria attaches great importance to the intensification of contacts with the Bulgarian community in the Republic of Kosovo, Head of State Rumen Radev said, who received today representatives of the Dribok Society for Development and Integration of the Bulgarian Community in the Republic of Kosovo. The President underlined this country's determination to continue expanding economic, educational and cultural exchanges with Kosovo, which will also have a positive effect on our compatriots there. In 2023, 40 of our compatriots from Kosovo have successfully graduated from Bulgarian higher education institutions, President Radev stressed and highlighted the possibility of further encouraging Bulgarians from Kosovo to receive their higher education in Bulgarian universities.

The representatives of the Bulgarian community raised a number of questions about the possibility of increasing investments from Bulgaria in Kosovo, including in the areas where ethnic Bulgarians live, about learning the Bulgarian language and facilitating access to Bulgarian citizenship. According to them, there are excellent opportunities for the development of tourism and agriculture in Kosovo and these opportunities can be used by the representatives of the Bulgarian business. They also discussed the population census process currently underway in Kosovo, as well as the challenges faced by small and inaccessible settlements, which are predominantly inhabited by our compatriots In that country.



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