12 October 2012 | 13:01
The referendum is a test for democracy. The first democratic referendum in the history of Bulgaria is very important and it is the duty of politicians is to deal with it very responsibly. This referendum should be held in the interest of citizens. It will set the direction for future referendums – whether as a powerful tool of democracy for the voice of the people to be heard or referendums as a platform for political opposition and political battles.

28 August 2012 | 20:08
Dear mourners and relatives of the victims, Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Dear Excellencies, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Ladies and Gentlemen, At this difficult time, our two peoples mourn together with the families and relatives of victims of the terrorist attack at the airport in Bourgas. We all share the sorrow of bereavement of a Bulgarian and five Israeli civilians. This attack showed us the sinister face of terrorism. The killing of innocent civilians is the most dangerous and cruel crime that cannot, and should not, be justified by any cause. Bulgarian and Israeli institutions are working together and co-operating actively. We have undertaken a firm commitment to find the culprits and accomplices of the terrorist act and to prosecute to the full extent of the law. The fight against terrorism is a common cause of the democratic world. Only together can we prevent such violent hatred and ensure that never again need anyone experience the horror experienced by the relatives in such an unjust and sinister way.