2023-12-05 12:50:00

National Statement of President Rumen Radev during the 28th Conference on Climate Change COP28

Let me first express my gratitude to the United Arab Emirates for hosting this year’s Conference and congratulations on your National day.
Once exceptional, extreme weather events like wildfires, floods, storms and droughts, that are now occurring with increased frequency, demand decisive actions.
Therefore, we expect COP 28 to streamline the political guidance, especially on the Global Stocktake, resulting from the high-level events and intense negotiations, that will shape our collective commitment to climate action. Rising to the challenge of climate change requires a holistic approach to accelerate the transition towards sustainable low-carbon economic models.
Bulgaria has experienced significant economic growth and transformation in recent decades. Presently, Bulgaria's greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by more than 50 % compared to base year – one of the biggest reductions in Europe.
Today, however, the efforts to climate neutral transition should go far beyond emissions’ targets.
Our main challenge is to guarantee the sustainability of this transformation without compromising the standard and quality of life of our citizens and the competitiveness of our economies. Overcoming this challenge requires systemic innovative approach and harnessing the latest technology achievements. Examples of innovative technologies for decarbonization can be seen at the Bulgarian Pavilion during this Conference.
Furthermore, to drive the transformation responsibly, we must ensure that our education, health, social and economic systems are adapted to protect the most vulnerable, which is especially relevant for children. In that respect, let me highlight that Bulgaria is one of the first signatories in Europe of the Declaration on Children, Youth and Climate Action to promote the fulfilment of children's right to a healthy environment.
Mr President,
One of the expected outcomes of COP 28 is to figure out the COP 29 Presidency. Facing an unprecedented deadlock in the Eastern European Group, Bulgaria as one of the candidate countries has been extremely constructive and proactively seeking a compromise in the process. We will continue with this responsible approach to find a solution towards a smooth transition between COP 28 and COP 29.
In conclusion I would like to assure you that my country remains actively engaged in advancing our climate agenda and we will work with other parties towards a positive outcome of this Conference.