2016-05-20 12:19:00

Statement Made by Head of State Rosen Plevneliev

Good morning to everyone,

People think that there is no such thing as principled positions in politics and that everything is a theatrical performance, propaganda and behind-the-scene arrangements. My experience is different. From the very first day I took office as president I have defended principled positions, constantly and everywhere. This is how I imposed vetoes – in a principled manner and providing clear arguments.  I act independently and in bona fide. I am sure that whenever anyone believes in their own rectitude and is ready to endure insults, acknowledgment will come sooner or later.

What is important in this world is not what you have taken, but what you have given.  The people who have given something to the world are the really rich ones. Believing that this was true, I took up politics so that I could give something, I could serve my people and my country. As a manager, I created thousands of jobs, I built houses and buildings, I planted not one but thousands of trees. In 2009 I decided that it was high time I started working for the country, it was high time I started giving. I promised myself, not anyone else, that I will not become rich in politics, that I will not cling to the seat and power of the president, that I will act in a principled manner and in bona fide. I promised myself, not anyone else because it is easy to deceive the others, while the most difficult thing is to deceive yourself. I promised myself that I will work in such a way in politics, so that I can sleep at peace every night. This is what happened.

Therefore today I face the people with an open heart and a clear conscience to tell them that I will not participate in the upcoming presidential elections for personal reasons.

I think I am acting fairly and properly by making my decision public five months ahead of the presidential elections. I would like to avoid a lengthy speculation on the topic whether or not I will run for a second term in office in the autumn. I would not like to see that sensible reforms in Bulgaria, such as the reform of the judiciary or the anti-corruption law, should give way to under-hand political calculations about the forthcoming elections. I cannot accept anti-democratic acts to be politically legitimized with the convenient justification that we are already in the election campaign.

The fact that I am not going to have a second term in office does not immediately suggest that I will leave politics. However, you should not expect that I will establish or participate in political parties. I do not think that once you have been elected president, you should retain your post forever. I will act independently, in a principled and non-partisan manner as I have done so far. I will continue working to ensure more Europe in Bulgaria and more Bulgaria in Europe. I will always side with the people and democracy, and I will speak out loud in support of Bulgaria’s European development. I have yet a lot to contribute to a modern and democratic Bulgaria in a peaceful, strong and united Europe.

Currently it is not the proper moment to report on the undoubtedly difficult term of office I had at a time of a record-high number of crises and extreme instability.  There is a lot of meaningful work to be done in this country in the coming months.